Audio & Video Streaming Language
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What is Liquidsoap?

Liquidsoap is a powerful and flexible language for describing audio and video streams. It offers a rich collection of operators that you can combine at will, giving you more power than you need for creating or transforming streams.


Liquidsoap is light and easy to use, in the Unix tradition of simple strong components working together. You can get your first stream running with just a couple lines of code.


Instead of a complicated and limited configuration file, Liquidsoap gives you the power and expressivity of a fully featured language specially dedicated to your streaming needs.


Liquidsoap supports multiple audio and video format and codecs, as well as many streaming input and output and some more, allowing you to send your streams wherever you wish to.


Some of the things you can do with Liquidsoap

  • Start a webradio

    Creating a webradio and sending it to a icecast or shoutcast server is as simple as two lines of code! Setup a folder with your tracks and start streaming right away!

  • Add live shows

    Bring live DJs to your web stream! Liquidsoap can accept connections from most live DJ software such as Mixxx or Darkice. Or you can simply direct your DJs to a webpage using the Webcaster client!

  • Customize your transitions

    Define your own custom transitions between songs. Insert a jingle, fade the ending track out, or not. You can decide and write the code to implement it with little effort! See our default implementation.

  • Use your own infrastructure

    Operator such as request.dynamic allow you to feed tracks to your Liquidsoap stream using whichever backend you desire. Multiple projects have been taking advantage of it, such as Libretime, Centova or Radionomy.

  • Add
    your own


Want to learn more? Checkout our online documentation.

You can begin with the Quick Start

Or checkout the complete case analysis

The cookbook provides many simple script examples to get you started.

The Liquidsoap book provides an in-depth presentation of the language and its uses
(available online and in physical version).


The recommended way to install is via the Opam package manager. This is described in our install page.

Liquidsoap is also available in most major distributions such as Debian or Ubuntu. Please note that distribution-specific packages are not maintained by the Savonet Team and may some times be outdated.

We also provide pre-compiled packages and binaries, in our release section.

The best place for support and discussions is the Liquidsoap discord channel For bug reports and feature requests, you should visit our Github page.