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What is Savonet?

Savonet is a group of open-source developers working on multimedia streaming, with a focus on web radios. Savonet software is mainly written in OCaml. Our main end-user tool is Liquidsoap, the programming language that ties all the pieces together. Note that the liquidsoap language is not OCaml; it draws inspiration from various languages, but you don't need to know that to use liquidsoap. Savonet also provides OCaml libraries to the open-source community, in particular bindings of widespread C libraries such as SSL, Vorbis, Mad, Lame, Jack, ALSA, LADSPA, etc.

The project was started in 2003 by David Baelde and Samuel Mimram, two computer science students at ENS Lyon, France. It became the official promotion-wide project the next year. By the end of the semester, our final demo was a big failure, but a few of us kept working at it, so that the project eventually took off and attracted new contributors. Romain Beauxis joined the project in 2006, to quickly become one of the three main developers.

Contacting Savonet

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Who is Savonet?

Savonet is a team created by David Baelde and Samuel Mimram. Currently active developers are listed below, with their nick(s) on IRC:

Formerly active developers: