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The workshop about Liquidsoap and related technologies.

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The liquidshop was the second edition of a workshop about Liquidsoap and related technologies (for streaming audio and video, interacting through websites, etc.). It was held fully online on Sunday January 23rd, 2022.


Romain Beauxis: Some news about Liquidsoap / slides

Buster Neece: AzuraCast, Liquidsoap, and the Open Radio Ecosystem / slides

Five years ago, a fan radio station project expanded its focus from a single community to being a free and open-source web radio suite for the whole web radio community. AzuraCast was born, and since then it has seen remarkable growth in the community, with tens of thousands of stations using it today. From the very start, under the hood of AzuraCast was Liquidsoap, which opened up a world of “power user” customization for users. Maintaining a fully free and open-source web radio option has been a labor of love, filled with lots of great moments, but also lots of challenges, so join us as we talk about how things have gone so far, and what’s next for us.

Mark Jeghers: Playgen: an automated playlist generator / slides

Playgen provides automated playlist generation with enhanced randomization, management APIs, on-demand request queueing and history logging. This talk presents the basic design and usage details that a software developer needs to get started.

Rich Showalter and Gene Savage: Live365 Product Showcase

Live365 is a pioneer in streaming audio with its first streams going live in 1998. In 2017 Live365 relaunched on a new platform powered by Liquidsoap. Boasting over 4,000 active broadcasters, Live365 provides a one-stop-shop for streaming audio by offering music licensing (US, UK and Canada), cloud/live management tools, ad insertion with revenue share, analytics and a full directory with mobile, Alexa and iHeart distribution.

Chris Mahoney and Rob Carballo: MediaMesh: Utilizing Liquidsoap to Help Steer the Future of Communication

TrueMotive is a close-knit team with a deep shared background in the evolution of audiovisual and emerging technologies, who during this global pandemic have had a lot of time to consider the future of human communication and interaction. Our team is committed to being a strong voice for a future that returns individual creative control, and natural human interaction that the evolution of Web 2.0 platforming has failed to provide.

Liquidsoap has been pivotal in achieving our vision for a media system that allows users to collaborate and iterate on streaming and classic prerecorded media content. Having evolved through the web broadcasting influx of the past 2 decades, technology is converging in such a way that integrates existing streaming approaches with truly novel interactive media production/sharing.

Our talk will cover the journey toward a v1.0 release, our goals for the system in terms of novel user experience, and some lessons learned along the way. A short demo of the user interface is also in order with our user experience lead Rob Carballo, to review how modern web technologies can make MediaMesh possible while also shifting power from monolithic platforms to individuals & close-knit communities.

Antonia Folguera and Pedro Vílchez: – Barcelona Community Radio Network / slides

Peter Bokor: Liquidsoap and the Lahmacun community radio / slides

The talk presents how Liquidsoap is used in the Lahmacun community web radio (based in Budapest, Hungary). Lahmacun radio was founded in 2018, early versions of the website had used Liquidsoap as part of an Azuracast instance (using the functionalities offered by Azuracast), then we introduced a custom Liquidsoap script (entirely detached from Azuracast’s scheduling features). Our current efforts aim at upgrading our Liquidsoap 1.4 script to a recent 2.0 version. Highlights of our script include advanced usages of the delay operator and how we use fading transitions. Lahmacun radio’s regular IT team consists of 5+ volunteers (all of them being experienced IT professionals).

Sheri Barclay: KPISS 2.0 One year on – a talk about sustainability / slides

I would like to discuss the finer points of building and sustaining a community pre, during and post pandemic as well as how we updated the structure of our website in a year since the last liquid soap meeting, the potential to build in the metaverse and some thoughts on growth and an interesting new player to the streaming game.

Gilles Pietri: Migrating from 1.4 to 2.0

Some insight about the things that needed to change to work on 2.0, and the improvement made possible through the new API / language possibilities (including FFmpeg frame copy).

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