Using in production

The full installation of liquidsoap will typically install /etc/liquidsoap, /etc/init.d/liquidsoap and /var/log/liquidsoap. All these are meant for a particular usage of liquidsoap when running a stable radio.

Your production .liq files should go in /etc/liquidsoap. You’ll then start/stop them using the init script, e.g. /etc/init.d/liquidsoap start. Your scripts don’t need to have the #! line, and liquidsoap will automatically be ran on daemon mode (-d option) for them.

You should not override the log.file.path setting because a logrotate configuration is also installed so that log files in the standard directory are truncated and compressed if they grow too big.

It is not very convenient to detect errors when using the init script. We advise users to check their scripts after modification (use liquidsoap --check /etc/liquidsoap/script.liq ) before effectively restarting the daemon.