Script loading

When you run liquidsoap for streaming, the command line has the following form:

$ liquidsoap script_or_expr_1 ... script_or_expr_N

This allows you to ask liquidsoap to load definition and settings from some scripts so that the become available when processing the next ones.

For example you can store your passwords by defined the variable xxx in secret.liq, and then refer to that variable in your main script main.liq. You would then run liquidsoap secret.liq main.liq. If you ever need to communicate main.liq there won’t be any risk of divulgating your password.

The pervasive script library

In fact, liquidsoap also implicitly loads scripts before those that you specify on the command-line. These scripts are meant to contain standard utilities. Liquidsoap finds them in LIBDIR/liquidsoap/VERSION where LIBDIR depends on your configuration (it is typically /usr/local/lib or /usr/lib) and VERSION is the version of liquidsoap (e.g. 0.3.8 or svn).

Currently, liquidsoap loads stdlib.liq from the library directory, and this file includes some others. You can add your personal standard library in that directory if you find it useful.