Liquidsoap configuration

ALSA configuration

Alsa internal buffer size

This setting is only used in buffered alsa I/O, and affects latency.Set to 0 to disable this setting and use ALSA’s default.

settings.alsa.alsa_buffer := 0

Number of periods

Set to 0 to disable this setting and use ALSA’s default.

settings.alsa.periods := 0

Audio settings

Options related to audio.

Conversion settings

Options related to audio conversion.

Channel layout conversion settings

Options related to channel layout conversion.

Preferred samplerate converters

Preferred channel layout converter. The native converter is always available. := ["native"]

Samplerate conversion settings

Options related to samplerate conversion.

Preferred samplerate converters

Preferred samplerate converter. The native converter is always available. := ["libsamplerate", "ffmpeg", "native"]
Libsamplerate conversion settings

Options related to libsamplerate conversion.

Resampling quality

Resampling quality, one of: "best", "medium", "fast", "zero_order" or "linear". Refer to ocaml-samplerate for details. := "fast"
Native samplerate conversion settings

Options related to native samplerate conversion.

Resampling quality

Resampling quality: either “nearest” or “linear”. := "linear"

Cache configuration

Delete cache file that have not been touched after this number of days.

settings.cache.max_days := 10

Keep at most that number of cache files. Delete folder files first.

settings.cache.max_files := 200

List of encodings to try for automatic encoding detection.

settings.charset.encodings := ["UTF-8", "ISO-8859-1", "UTF-16"]

Directory where charset files are to be found.

settings.charset.path := "/home/opam/.opam/4.14.2/share/camomile"

Clock settings

Handling of streaming errors

Control the behaviour of clocks when an error occurs during streaming.This has no effect on errors occurring during source initializations.By default, any error will cause liquidsoap to shutdown. If errorsare allowed, faulty sources are simply removed and clocks keep running.Allowing errors can result in complex surprising situations;use at your own risk!

settings.clock.allow_streaming_errors := false

How often (in seconds) we should indicate catchup errors.

settings.clock.log_delay := 1.0

Preferred clock implementation. One if: “posix” or “ocaml”.

settings.clock.preferred := "posix"

Console configuration

Use color in console output when available. One of: “always”, “never” or “auto”.

settings.console.colorize := "auto"

Debug language features such as type inference and reduction.

settings.debug := false

Debug errors by showing stacktraces instead of printing messages.

settings.debug_errors := false

Default font

settings.default_font := "/usr/share/fonts/truetype/dejavu/DejaVuSans.ttf"

Encoder settings

Settings for the encoder

Metadata settings

Settings for the encoded metadata.

Metadata labels that represent coverart

settings.encoder.metadata.cover := ["pic", "apic", "metadata_block_picture", "cover"]

Exported metadata

The list of labels of exported metadata.

settings.encoder.metadata.export := ["artist", "title", "album", "genre", "date", "tracknumber", "comment", "track", "year", "dj", "next", "apic", "pic", "metadata_url", "metadata_block_picture", "coverart"]

FFMPEG configuration

FFmpeg content configuration

FFmpeg copy content configuration

If true, relax content compatibility, e.g. allow audio tracks with different samplerate or video tracks with different resolution.
settings.ffmpeg.content.copy.relaxed_compatibility_check := false

Log configuration


settings.ffmpeg.log.level := 3


Set FFMPEG log level, one of: “quiet”, “panic”, “fatal”, “error”, “warning”, “info”, “verbose”, “debug” or “trace”.

settings.ffmpeg.log.verbosity := "warning"

Scaling algorithm

Set FFMPEG scaling algorithm. One of: “fast_bilinear”,“bilinear” or “bicubic”.

settings.ffmpeg.scaling_algorithm := "bicubic"

Frame format

Settings for the data representation in frames, which are theelementary packets of which streams are made.

Audio (PCM) format

Default number of channels := 2

Samplerate := 44100

Tentative frame duration in audio samples

Audio samplerate and video frame rate constrain the possible frame durations.This setting is used as a hint for the duration, overriding’frame.duration’.Tweaking frame duration is tricky but needed when dealing with latencyor getting soundcard I/O correctly synchronized with liquidsoap. := <value>

Tentative frame duration in seconds

Audio samplerate and video frame rate constrain the possible frame durations.This setting is used as a hint for the duration, when ’’is not provided.Tweaking frame duration is tricky but needed when dealing with latencyor getting soundcard I/O correctly synchronized with liquidsoap.

settings.frame.duration := 0.04

MIDI parameters

Default number of channels

settings.frame.midi.channels := 0

Video settings

Set to true to force video content even when no video content is explicitly requested, for instance: output.dummy(noise()) := false

Frame rate := 25

Image height := 720

Image width := 1280

Harbor settings (Icecast/shoutcast stream receiver).

Timeout for network accept operations (in seconds).

settings.harbor.accept_timeout := 3.0

IP addresses on which the harbor should listen.

settings.harbor.bind_addrs := [""]

Content-type (mime) of formats which allow shout metadata update.

settings.harbor.icy_formats := ["audio/mpeg", "audio/aacp", "audio/aac", "audio/x-aac", "audio/wav", "audio/wave", "audio/flac", "audio/x-flac"]

Maximum of pending source requests per port.

settings.harbor.max_connections := 128

Perform reverse DNS lookup to get the client’s hostname from its IP.

settings.harbor.reverse_dns := false

Timeout for network operations (in seconds).

settings.harbor.timeout := 120.0

Display passwords, for debugging.

settings.harbor.verbose := false

Initialization configuration

Allow liquidsoap to run as root

This should be reserved for advanced dynamic uses of liquidsoap such as running inside an isolated environment like docker.

settings.init.allow_root := false

Catch exceptions, use false to backtrace exceptions

settings.init.catch_exn := true

Run in daemon mode

settings.init.daemon := false

Changes the effective user (drops privileges).

settings.init.daemon.change_user := false
Group used to run the daemon. := "daemon"
User used to run the daemon.
settings.init.daemon.change_user.user := "daemon"

Support for pidfile generation

settings.init.daemon.pidfile := true
Path to pidfile
settings.init.daemon.pidfile.path := "<sysrundir>/<script>.pid"
Unix file permissions for pidfile. Default: 0o640.
settings.init.daemon.pidfile.perms := 416

Start liquidsoap even without any active source

This should be reserved for advanced dynamic uses of liquidsoap.

settings.init.force_start := false

Dump an initialization trace

settings.init.trace := false

Log configuration

Log to file

settings.log.file := false

Append log to the file

settings.log.file.append := true

Path to log file

settings.log.file.path := "<syslogdir>/<script>.log"

Log file permissions

settings.log.file.perms := 384

General log level

settings.log.level := 3

Recode log entries. Source encoding is set using settings.charset.encodings.

settings.log.recode := false

Encoding to recode log entries to.

settings.log.recode.encoding := "UTF-8"

Log to stdout

settings.log.stdout := true

Display unix timestamps (subsecond accuracy, timezone independant)

settings.log.unix_timestamps := false

Parameters for the mpd protocol.

Debug communications with MPD server.

settings.mpd.debug := false

MPD host. := ""

Directory where MPD’s music is located.

settings.mpd.path := "/var/lib/mpd/music"

MPD port.

settings.mpd.port := 6600

Randomize order of MPD’s results.

settings.mpd.randomize := true

Interactions through the OSC protocol.

Port for OSC server.

settings.osc.port := 7777

Interactions through the OSC protocol.

Port for OSC server.

settings.oscnative.port := 7777

Metric reporting using prometheus.

Enable the prometheus server.

settings.prometheus.server := false

Port to run the server on.

settings.prometheus.server.port := 9599

Requests configuration

Number of requests at which a leak warning should be issued.

settings.request.leak_warning := 100

Decoders and order used to decode files’ metadata.

settings.request.metadata_decoders := ["video-metadata", "ogg_native", "image", "ID3", "ID3v1", "ID3v2", "flac_native", "mp4", "ffmpeg", "flac", "ogg"]
settings.request.metadata_decoders.duration := false

Priorities used for applying metadata decoders. Decoder with the highest priority take precedence.

Priority for the ffmpeg metadata decoder
settings.request.metadata_decoders.priorities.ffmpeg := 1
Priority for the flac metadata decoder
settings.request.metadata_decoders.priorities.flac := 1
Priority for the flac native decoder
settings.request.metadata_decoders.priorities.flac_native := 1
Priority for the native ID3 metadata decoder
settings.request.metadata_decoders.priorities.id3 := 1
Priority for the native ID3v1 metadata decoder
settings.request.metadata_decoders.priorities.id3v1 := 1
Priority for the native ID3v2 metadata decoder
settings.request.metadata_decoders.priorities.id3v2 := 1
Priority for the image metadata decoder
settings.request.metadata_decoders.priorities.image_metadata := 1
Priority for the mp4 metadata decoder
settings.request.metadata_decoders.priorities.mp4 := 1
Priority for the ogg metadata decoder
settings.request.metadata_decoders.priorities.ogg := 1
Priority for the native ogg metadata decoder
settings.request.metadata_decoders.priorities.ogg_metadata := 1
Priority for the request metadata. This include metadata set via annotate.
settings.request.metadata_decoders.priorities.request_metadata := 5
Priority for the native video metadata decoder
settings.request.metadata_decoders.priorities.video_metadata := 1

Re-encode metadata strings in UTF-8

settings.request.metadata_decoders.recode := true
Exclude these metadata from automatic recording.
settings.request.metadata_decoders.recode.exclude := ["apic", "metadata_block_picture", "coverart"]

Streaming clock settings

Maximum latency in seconds

If the latency gets higher than this value, the outputs will be reset,instead of trying to catch it up second by second.The reset is typically only useful to reconnect icecast mounts.

settings.root.max_latency := 60.0

Runtime configuration.

Strip runtime types whenever possible to optimize memory usage.

settings.runtime.strip_types := true

Sandboxing for external processes.

settings.sandbox := false

Sandbox binary to use.

settings.sandbox.binary := "bwrap"

Enable network := true

Read-only directories := ["/"]

Read/write directories. Default: [$HOME;$TMPDIR]. := ["/home/opam", "/tmp/build_88d097_dune"]

Additional default environment variables.

settings.sandbox.setenv := ["TEMPDIR=/tmp/build_88d097_dune", "TEMP=/tmp/build_88d097_dune", "TMPDIR=/tmp/build_88d097_dune", "TMP=/tmp/build_88d097_dune"]

Run command inside shell. := true

Patch to shell binary. Defaults to $SHELL if set and “/bin/sh” otherwise. := "/bin/bash"

Environment variables to unset.

settings.sandbox.unsetenv := []

Internal scheduler

The scheduler is used to process various tasks in liquidsoap.There are three kinds of tasks:“Non-blocking” ones are instantaneous to process, these are onlyinternal processes of liquidsoap like its server.”Fast” tasks are those that can be long but are often not,such as request resolution (audio file downloading and checking).Finally, “slow” tasks are those that are always taking a long time,like submission, or user-defined tasks register scheduler consists in a number of queues that process incomingtasks. Some queues might only process some kinds of tasks so thatthey are more responsive.Having more queues often do not make the program faster in average,but affect mostly the order in which tasks are processed.

Fast queues

Number of queues that are dedicated to fast tasks.It might be useful to create some if your request resolutions,or some user defined tasks (cf, aredelayed too much because of slow tasks blocking the generic queues,such as submissions or slow handlers.

settings.scheduler.fast_queues := 0

Generic queues

Number of event queues accepting any kind of task.There should at least be one. Having more can be useful to make surethat trivial request resolutions (local files) are not delayedbecause of a stalled download. But N stalled download can blockN queues anyway.

settings.scheduler.generic_queues := 2

Log scheduler messages

settings.scheduler.log := false

Non-blocking queues

Number of queues dedicated to internal non-blocking tasks.These are only started if such tasks are needed.There should be at least one.

settings.scheduler.non_blocking_queues := 2

SDL configuration

Logging configuration

Application logging verbosity.

Set SDL application logging verbosityOne of: “verbose”, “debug”, “info”, “warn”, “error” or “critical”.

settings.sdl.log.application := "warn"

Audio logging verbosity.

Set SDL audio logging verbosityOne of: “verbose”, “debug”, “info”, “warn”, “error” or “critical”. := "warn"

Error logging verbosity.

Set SDL error logging verbosityOne of: “verbose”, “debug”, “info”, “warn”, “error” or “critical”.

settings.sdl.log.error := "warn"

Input logging verbosity.

Set SDL input logging verbosityOne of: “verbose”, “debug”, “info”, “warn”, “error” or “critical”.

settings.sdl.log.input := "warn"

Render logging verbosity.

Set SDL render logging verbosityOne of: “verbose”, “debug”, “info”, “warn”, “error” or “critical”.

settings.sdl.log.render := "warn"

System logging verbosity.

Set SDL system logging verbosityOne of: “verbose”, “debug”, “info”, “warn”, “error” or “critical”.

settings.sdl.log.system := "warn"

Video logging verbosity.

Set SDL video logging verbosityOne of: “verbose”, “debug”, “info”, “warn”, “error” or “critical”. := "warn"

Server configuration

The server is an abstract text-command-based communication protocol, which can be used through several interfaces.

Log configuration.

Default log level for messages.

settings.server.log.level := 3

Support for communication via a UNIX domain socket interface

The main advantage of this method is that you can set very preciselythe access permissions for the socket, just like for any other file.A useful command to use this interface is: “socat stdin unix:”.

settings.server.socket := false

Path of the UNIX domain socket

In this filename, <pid>, <script> and <sysrundir> are replaced by their respective values: PID of the instance of liquidsoap,base name of the .liq script (if any), default runtime data directory.

settings.server.socket.path := "<sysrundir>/<script>.sock"

Socket permissions, up to umask

This parameter is better written in octal notation. Although you can write octal numbers like 0o660, they are not displayed back in octal. For example, the default value 384 is the decimal for 0o600.

settings.server.socket.permissions := 384

Support for communication via a telnet interface

This allows you to communicate with the server via a telnet interface,i.e., a simple text-based communication over TCP.The standard “telnet” command will allow you to communicate throughthat interface, as well as the telnet libraries available in mostscript languages.Since there is currently no authentication, you should be carefulabout who can access this interface: either restrict it to connectionsfrom localhost (using the bind_addr param) or set up a firewall.

settings.server.telnet := false

Network mask from which the telnet server should accept connections

settings.server.telnet.bind_addr := ""

Port on which the telnet server should listen

settings.server.telnet.port := 1234

Perform reverse DNS lookup to get the client’s hostname from its IP.

settings.server.telnet.revdns := false

Timeout for read/write operations.

A negative value disables timeout.

settings.server.timeout := 30.0

SRT configuration

Enforce consistent encryption settings on both end of any connection. := true

Route srt logs through liquidsoap’s logs := true

Level := 4


Set SRT log level, one of: “critical”, “error”, “warning”, “notice” or “debug” := "warning"

Poll configuration

Timeout for polling loop, in seconda. := 0.1

Playlist formats

Cue in metadata for playlists with track index.

Some playlists format, such as CUE files specify index points to starttracks playback. In this case, tracks are resolved to a annotate: request witha cue-in metadata containing the index. If you want to make use of this index,you should specify here what label you want for this metadata.

settings.playlist.cue_in_metadata := "liq_cue_in"

Cue out metadata for playlists with track index.

Some playlists format, such as CUE files specify index points to starttracks playback. In this case, tracks are resolved to a annotate: request witha cue-in metadata containing the index. If you want to make use of this index,you should specify here what label you want for this metadata.

settings.playlist.cue_out_metadata := "liq_cue_out"

Mime-types used for guessing playlist formats.

Mime-types used for guessing text-based playlists.

settings.playlist.mime_types.basic := [{mime="audio/x-scpls", strict=true, parser=<fun>}, {mime="application/x-cue", strict=true, parser=<fun>}, {mime="audio/x-mpegurl", strict=false, parser=<fun>}, {mime="audio/mpegurl", strict=false, parser=<fun>}, {mime="application/x-mpegURL", strict=false, parser=<fun>}]

Mime-types used for guessing xml-based playlists.

settings.playlist.mime_types.xml := [{mime="video/x-ms-asf", strict=true, parser=<fun>}, {mime="audio/x-ms-asx", strict=true, parser=<fun>}, {mime="text/xml", strict=true, parser=<fun>}, {mime="application/xml", strict=true, parser=<fun>}, {mime="application/smil", strict=true, parser=<fun>}, {mime="application/smil+xml", strict=true, parser=<fun>}, {mime="application/xspf+xml", strict=true, parser=<fun>}, {mime="application/rss+xml", strict=true, parser=<fun>}]

Settings for HTTP requests

MIME to file extension mappings

settings.http.mime.extnames := [("audio/mp3", ".mp3"), ("audio/mpeg", ".mp3"), ("application/ogg", ".ogg"), ("application/x-ogg", ".ogg"), ("audio/x-ogg", ".ogg"), ("audio/ogg", ".ogg"), ("video/ogg", ".ogg"), ("audio/flac", ".flac"), ("audio/x-flac", ".flac"), ("audio/mp4", ".mp4"), ("application/mp4", ".mp4"), ("video/mp4", ".mp4"), ("audio/vnd.wave", ".wav"), ("audio/wav", ".wav"), ("audio/wave", ".wav"), ("audio/x-wav", ".wav"), ("image/jpeg", ".jpg"), ("image/png", ".png"), ("application/pdf", ".pdf"), ("image/bmp", ".bmp")]

Settings for registered protocols

Settings for the ReplayGain protocol

Tag used to annotate ReplayGain

settings.protocol.replaygain.tag := "replaygain_track_gain"

Settings for the process protocol

List of environment variables passed down to the executed process.

settings.protocol.process.env := []

Inherit calling process’s environment when env parameter is empty.

settings.protocol.process.inherit_env := true

Settings for the youtube-dl protocol

Path of the youtube-dl (or yt-dlp) binary.

settings.protocol.youtube_dl.path := "yt-dlp"

Timeout (in seconds) for youtube-dl executions.

settings.protocol.youtube_dl.timeout := 300.0

Settings for the FFmpeg protocol

Path to the ffmpeg binary

settings.protocol.ffmpeg.path := "ffmpeg"

Should the protocol extract metadata

settings.protocol.ffmpeg.metadata := true

Should the protocol adjust ReplayGain

settings.protocol.ffmpeg.replaygain := false

Settings for the text2wave protocol

Path to the text2wave binary

settings.protocol.text2wave.path := "text2wave"

Settings for the pico2wave protocol

Path to the pico2wave binary

settings.protocol.pico2wave.path := "pico2wave"

Pico2wave language. One of: "en-US", "en-GB", "es-ES", "de-DE", "fr-FR" or "it-IT".

settings.protocol.pico2wave.lang := "en-US"

Settings for the gtts protocol

Path to the gtts binary

settings.protocol.gtts.path := "gtts-cli"

Language to speak in.

settings.protocol.gtts.lang := "en"

Command line options.

settings.protocol.gtts.options := ""

Settings for the AWS protocol

Use a specific profile from your credential file. := <value>

Alternative endpoint URL (useful for other S3 implementations). := <value>

AWS Region := <value>

Path to aws CLI binary := "aws"

Settings for the polly protocol

Output format := "mp3"
Voice ID := "Joanna"
Extra command line arguments := []

Video settings

Options related to video.

Video conversion

Options related to video conversion.

Preferred video converter := "ffmpeg"

video.text implementation. := "sdl"

settings.make := <fun>

settings.make.void := fun (~comments="",_) -> {comments=comments, description=description}

settings.make.protocol := <fun>

settings.make.external := <fun>

Decoder settings

Maximum debugging information (dev only)

WARNING: Do not enable unless a developer instructed you to do so!The debugging mode makes it easier to understand why decoding fails,but as a side effect it will crash liquidsoap at the end of everytrack.

settings.decoder.debug := false

Media decoders.

settings.decoder.decoders := ["wav", "aiff", "pcm/basic", "srt", "raw audio", "midi", "image", "aac", "mp4", "ffmpeg", "flac", "ogg", "mad"]

FFmpeg decoder configuration

Codecs settings

Preferred codec to decode 4xm
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs._4xm := <value>
Available codecs to decode 4xm
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs._4xm.available := ["4xm"]
Preferred codec to decode aac
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.aac := <value>
Available codecs to decode aac
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.aac.available := ["aac", "aac_fixed"]
Preferred codec to decode aasc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.aasc := <value>
Available codecs to decode aasc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.aasc.available := ["aasc"]
Preferred codec to decode ac3
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.ac3 := <value>
Available codecs to decode ac3
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.ac3.available := ["ac3", "ac3_fixed"]
Preferred codec to decode acelp.kelvin
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.acelpkelvin := <value>
Available codecs to decode acelp.kelvin
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.acelpkelvin.available := ["acelp.kelvin"]
Preferred codec to decode adpcm_4xm
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.adpcm_4xm := <value>
Available codecs to decode adpcm_4xm
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.adpcm_4xm.available := ["adpcm_4xm"]
Preferred codec to decode adpcm_adx
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.adpcm_adx := <value>
Available codecs to decode adpcm_adx
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.adpcm_adx.available := ["adpcm_adx"]
Preferred codec to decode adpcm_afc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.adpcm_afc := <value>
Available codecs to decode adpcm_afc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.adpcm_afc.available := ["adpcm_afc"]
Preferred codec to decode adpcm_agm
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.adpcm_agm := <value>
Available codecs to decode adpcm_agm
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.adpcm_agm.available := ["adpcm_agm"]
Preferred codec to decode adpcm_dtk
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.adpcm_dtk := <value>
Available codecs to decode adpcm_dtk
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.adpcm_dtk.available := ["adpcm_dtk"]
Preferred codec to decode adpcm_ea_xas
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.adpcm_ea_xas := <value>
Available codecs to decode adpcm_ea_xas
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.adpcm_ea_xas.available := ["adpcm_ea_xas"]
Preferred codec to decode adpcm_g726le
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.adpcm_g726le := <value>
Available codecs to decode adpcm_g726le
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.adpcm_g726le.available := ["g726le"]
Preferred codec to decode adpcm_ima_ea_eacs
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.adpcm_ima_ea_eacs := <value>
Available codecs to decode adpcm_ima_ea_eacs
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.adpcm_ima_ea_eacs.available := ["adpcm_ima_ea_eacs"]
Preferred codec to decode adpcm_ima_ea_sead
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.adpcm_ima_ea_sead := <value>
Available codecs to decode adpcm_ima_ea_sead
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.adpcm_ima_ea_sead.available := ["adpcm_ima_ea_sead"]
Preferred codec to decode adpcm_ima_qt
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.adpcm_ima_qt := <value>
Available codecs to decode adpcm_ima_qt
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.adpcm_ima_qt.available := ["adpcm_ima_qt"]
Preferred codec to decode adpcm_ima_smjpeg
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.adpcm_ima_smjpeg := <value>
Available codecs to decode adpcm_ima_smjpeg
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.adpcm_ima_smjpeg.available := ["adpcm_ima_smjpeg"]
Preferred codec to decode adpcm_ima_ws
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.adpcm_ima_ws := <value>
Available codecs to decode adpcm_ima_ws
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.adpcm_ima_ws.available := ["adpcm_ima_ws"]
Preferred codec to decode adpcm_psx
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.adpcm_psx := <value>
Available codecs to decode adpcm_psx
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.adpcm_psx.available := ["adpcm_psx"]
Preferred codec to decode adpcm_swf
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.adpcm_swf := <value>
Available codecs to decode adpcm_swf
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.adpcm_swf.available := ["adpcm_swf"]
Preferred codec to decode adpcm_thp
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.adpcm_thp := <value>
Available codecs to decode adpcm_thp
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.adpcm_thp.available := ["adpcm_thp"]
Preferred codec to decode adpcm_thp_le
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.adpcm_thp_le := <value>
Available codecs to decode adpcm_thp_le
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.adpcm_thp_le.available := ["adpcm_thp_le"]
Preferred codec to decode adpcm_yamaha
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.adpcm_yamaha := <value>
Available codecs to decode adpcm_yamaha
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.adpcm_yamaha.available := ["adpcm_yamaha"]
Preferred codec to decode agm
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.agm := <value>
Available codecs to decode agm
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.agm.available := ["agm"]
Preferred codec to decode aic
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.aic := <value>
Available codecs to decode aic
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.aic.available := ["aic"]
Preferred codec to decode alac
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.alac := <value>
Available codecs to decode alac
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.alac.available := ["alac"]
Preferred codec to decode amr_nb
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.amr_nb := <value>
Available codecs to decode amr_nb
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.amr_nb.available := ["amrnb"]
Preferred codec to decode amr_wb
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.amr_wb := <value>
Available codecs to decode amr_wb
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.amr_wb.available := ["amrwb"]
Preferred codec to decode amv
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.amv := <value>
Available codecs to decode amv
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.amv.available := ["amv"]
Preferred codec to decode anm
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.anm := <value>
Available codecs to decode anm
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.anm.available := ["anm"]
Preferred codec to decode ansi
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.ansi := <value>
Available codecs to decode ansi
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.ansi.available := ["ansi"]
Preferred codec to decode ape
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.ape := <value>
Available codecs to decode ape
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.ape.available := ["ape"]
Preferred codec to decode apng
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.apng := <value>
Available codecs to decode apng
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.apng.available := ["apng"]
Preferred codec to decode aptx
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.aptx := <value>
Available codecs to decode aptx
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.aptx.available := ["aptx"]
Preferred codec to decode arbc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.arbc := <value>
Available codecs to decode arbc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.arbc.available := ["arbc"]
Preferred codec to decode argo
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.argo := <value>
Available codecs to decode argo
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.argo.available := ["argo"]
Preferred codec to decode asv1
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.asv1 := <value>
Available codecs to decode asv1
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.asv1.available := ["asv1"]
Preferred codec to decode asv2
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.asv2 := <value>
Available codecs to decode asv2
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.asv2.available := ["asv2"]
Preferred codec to decode atrac1
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.atrac1 := <value>
Available codecs to decode atrac1
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.atrac1.available := ["atrac1"]
Preferred codec to decode atrac3
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.atrac3 := <value>
Available codecs to decode atrac3
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.atrac3.available := ["atrac3"]
Preferred codec to decode atrac3al
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.atrac3al := <value>
Available codecs to decode atrac3al
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.atrac3al.available := ["atrac3al"]
Preferred codec to decode atrac9
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.atrac9 := <value>
Available codecs to decode atrac9
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.atrac9.available := ["atrac9"]
Preferred codec to decode aura
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.aura := <value>
Available codecs to decode aura
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.aura.available := ["aura"]
Preferred codec to decode aura2
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.aura2 := <value>
Available codecs to decode aura2
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.aura2.available := ["aura2"]
Preferred codec to decode av1
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.av1 := <value>
Available codecs to decode av1
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.av1.available := ["libdav1d", "libaom-av1", "av1", "av1_cuvid", "av1_qsv"]
Preferred codec to decode avc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.avc := <value>
Available codecs to decode avc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.avc.available := ["on2avc"]
Preferred codec to decode avrn
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.avrn := <value>
Available codecs to decode avrn
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.avrn.available := ["avrn"]
Preferred codec to decode avrp
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.avrp := <value>
Available codecs to decode avrp
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.avrp.available := ["avrp"]
Preferred codec to decode avs
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.avs := <value>
Available codecs to decode avs
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.avs.available := ["avs"]
Preferred codec to decode avui
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.avui := <value>
Available codecs to decode avui
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.avui.available := ["avui"]
Preferred codec to decode ayuv
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.ayuv := <value>
Available codecs to decode ayuv
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.ayuv.available := ["ayuv"]
Preferred codec to decode bethsoftvid
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.bethsoftvid := <value>
Available codecs to decode bethsoftvid
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.bethsoftvid.available := ["bethsoftvid"]
Preferred codec to decode bfi
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.bfi := <value>
Available codecs to decode bfi
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.bfi.available := ["bfi"]
Preferred codec to decode binkaudio_dct
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.binkaudio_dct := <value>
Available codecs to decode binkaudio_dct
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.binkaudio_dct.available := ["binkaudio_dct"]
Preferred codec to decode binkvideo
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.binkvideo := <value>
Available codecs to decode binkvideo
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.binkvideo.available := ["binkvideo"]
Preferred codec to decode bitpacked
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.bitpacked := <value>
Available codecs to decode bitpacked
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.bitpacked.available := ["bitpacked"]
Preferred codec to decode bmp
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.bmp := <value>
Available codecs to decode bmp
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.bmp.available := ["bmp"]
Preferred codec to decode bmv_audio
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.bmv_audio := <value>
Available codecs to decode bmv_audio
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.bmv_audio.available := ["bmv_audio"]
Preferred codec to decode bmv_video
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.bmv_video := <value>
Available codecs to decode bmv_video
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.bmv_video.available := ["bmv_video"]
Preferred codec to decode brender_pix
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.brender_pix := <value>
Available codecs to decode brender_pix
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.brender_pix.available := ["brender_pix"]
Preferred codec to decode c93
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.c93 := <value>
Available codecs to decode c93
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.c93.available := ["c93"]
Preferred codec to decode cavs
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.cavs := <value>
Available codecs to decode cavs
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.cavs.available := ["cavs"]
Preferred codec to decode cdxl
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.cdxl := <value>
Available codecs to decode cdxl
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.cdxl.available := ["cdxl"]
Preferred codec to decode cfhd
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.cfhd := <value>
Available codecs to decode cfhd
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.cfhd.available := ["cfhd"]
Preferred codec to decode cljr
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.cljr := <value>
Available codecs to decode cljr
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.cljr.available := ["cljr"]
Preferred codec to decode cllc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.cllc := <value>
Available codecs to decode cllc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.cllc.available := ["cllc"]
Preferred codec to decode cmv
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.cmv := <value>
Available codecs to decode cmv
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.cmv.available := ["eacmv"]
Preferred codec to decode comfortnoise
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.comfortnoise := <value>
Available codecs to decode comfortnoise
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.comfortnoise.available := ["comfortnoise"]
Preferred codec to decode cook
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.cook := <value>
Available codecs to decode cook
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.cook.available := ["cook"]
Preferred codec to decode cpia
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.cpia := <value>
Available codecs to decode cpia
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.cpia.available := ["cpia"]
Preferred codec to decode cri
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.cri := <value>
Available codecs to decode cri
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.cri.available := ["cri"]
Preferred codec to decode cscd
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.cscd := <value>
Available codecs to decode cscd
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.cscd.available := ["camstudio"]
Preferred codec to decode cyuv
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.cyuv := <value>
Available codecs to decode cyuv
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.cyuv.available := ["cyuv"]
Preferred codec to decode dds := <value>
Available codecs to decode dds := ["dds"]
Preferred codec to decode dfa
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.dfa := <value>
Available codecs to decode dfa
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.dfa.available := ["dfa"]
Preferred codec to decode dpx
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.dpx := <value>
Available codecs to decode dpx
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.dpx.available := ["dpx"]
Preferred codec to decode dsd_lsbf_planar
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.dsd_lsbf_planar := <value>
Available codecs to decode dsd_lsbf_planar
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.dsd_lsbf_planar.available := ["dsd_lsbf_planar"]
Preferred codec to decode dsd_msbf_planar
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.dsd_msbf_planar := <value>
Available codecs to decode dsd_msbf_planar
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.dsd_msbf_planar.available := ["dsd_msbf_planar"]
Preferred codec to decode dsicinvideo
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.dsicinvideo := <value>
Available codecs to decode dsicinvideo
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.dsicinvideo.available := ["dsicinvideo"]
Preferred codec to decode dss_sp
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.dss_sp := <value>
Available codecs to decode dss_sp
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.dss_sp.available := ["dss_sp"]
Preferred codec to decode dst
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.dst := <value>
Available codecs to decode dst
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.dst.available := ["dst"]
Preferred codec to decode dts
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.dts := <value>
Available codecs to decode dts
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.dts.available := ["dca"]
Preferred codec to decode dxa
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.dxa := <value>
Available codecs to decode dxa
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.dxa.available := ["dxa"]
Preferred codec to decode dxtory
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.dxtory := <value>
Available codecs to decode dxtory
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.dxtory.available := ["dxtory"]
Preferred codec to decode dxv
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.dxv := <value>
Available codecs to decode dxv
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.dxv.available := ["dxv"]
Preferred codec to decode eac3
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.eac3 := <value>
Available codecs to decode eac3
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.eac3.available := ["eac3"]
Preferred codec to decode escape124
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.escape124 := <value>
Available codecs to decode escape124
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.escape124.available := ["escape124"]
Preferred codec to decode escape130
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.escape130 := <value>
Available codecs to decode escape130
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.escape130.available := ["escape130"]
Preferred codec to decode evrc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.evrc := <value>
Available codecs to decode evrc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.evrc.available := ["evrc"]
Preferred codec to decode exr
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.exr := <value>
Available codecs to decode exr
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.exr.available := ["exr"]
Preferred codec to decode fastaudio
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.fastaudio := <value>
Available codecs to decode fastaudio
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.fastaudio.available := ["fastaudio"]
Preferred codec to decode ffv1
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.ffv1 := <value>
Available codecs to decode ffv1
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.ffv1.available := ["ffv1"]
Preferred codec to decode fic
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.fic := <value>
Available codecs to decode fic
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.fic.available := ["fic"]
Preferred codec to decode fits
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.fits := <value>
Available codecs to decode fits
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.fits.available := ["fits"]
Preferred codec to decode flac
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.flac := <value>
Available codecs to decode flac
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.flac.available := ["flac"]
Preferred codec to decode flashsv
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.flashsv := <value>
Available codecs to decode flashsv
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.flashsv.available := ["flashsv"]
Preferred codec to decode flic
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.flic := <value>
Available codecs to decode flic
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.flic.available := ["flic"]
Preferred codec to decode flv1
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.flv1 := <value>
Available codecs to decode flv1
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.flv1.available := ["flv"]
Preferred codec to decode fmvc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.fmvc := <value>
Available codecs to decode fmvc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.fmvc.available := ["fmvc"]
Preferred codec to decode fraps
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.fraps := <value>
Available codecs to decode fraps
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.fraps.available := ["fraps"]
Preferred codec to decode frwu
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.frwu := <value>
Available codecs to decode frwu
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.frwu.available := ["frwu"]
Preferred codec to decode g2m
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.g2m := <value>
Available codecs to decode g2m
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.g2m.available := ["g2m"]
Preferred codec to decode g723_1
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.g723_1 := <value>
Available codecs to decode g723_1
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.g723_1.available := ["g723_1"]
Preferred codec to decode g729
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.g729 := <value>
Available codecs to decode g729
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.g729.available := ["g729"]
Preferred codec to decode gdv
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.gdv := <value>
Available codecs to decode gdv
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.gdv.available := ["gdv"]
Preferred codec to decode gem
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.gem := <value>
Available codecs to decode gem
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.gem.available := ["gem"]
Preferred codec to decode gif
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.gif := <value>
Available codecs to decode gif
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.gif.available := ["gif"]
Preferred codec to decode gsm
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.gsm := <value>
Available codecs to decode gsm
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.gsm.available := ["gsm", "libgsm"]
Preferred codec to decode h261
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.h261 := <value>
Available codecs to decode h261
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.h261.available := ["h261"]
Preferred codec to decode h263
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.h263 := <value>
Available codecs to decode h263
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.h263.available := ["h263", "h263_v4l2m2m"]
Preferred codec to decode h263i
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.h263i := <value>
Available codecs to decode h263i
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.h263i.available := ["h263i"]
Preferred codec to decode h263p
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.h263p := <value>
Available codecs to decode h263p
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.h263p.available := ["h263p"]
Preferred codec to decode h264
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.h264 := <value>
Available codecs to decode h264
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.h264.available := ["h264", "h264_v4l2m2m", "h264_qsv", "h264_cuvid"]
Preferred codec to decode hap
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.hap := <value>
Available codecs to decode hap
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.hap.available := ["hap"]
Preferred codec to decode hca
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.hca := <value>
Available codecs to decode hca
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.hca.available := ["hca"]
Preferred codec to decode hcom
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.hcom := <value>
Available codecs to decode hcom
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.hcom.available := ["hcom"]
Preferred codec to decode hevc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.hevc := <value>
Available codecs to decode hevc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.hevc.available := ["hevc", "hevc_qsv", "hevc_v4l2m2m", "hevc_cuvid"]
Preferred codec to decode hnm4video
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.hnm4video := <value>
Available codecs to decode hnm4video
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.hnm4video.available := ["hnm4video"]
Preferred codec to decode hq_hqa
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.hq_hqa := <value>
Available codecs to decode hq_hqa
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.hq_hqa.available := ["hq_hqa"]
Preferred codec to decode hqx
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.hqx := <value>
Available codecs to decode hqx
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.hqx.available := ["hqx"]
Preferred codec to decode hymt
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.hymt := <value>
Available codecs to decode hymt
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.hymt.available := ["hymt"]
Preferred codec to decode iac
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.iac := <value>
Available codecs to decode iac
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.iac.available := ["iac"]
Preferred codec to decode iff_ilbm
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.iff_ilbm := <value>
Available codecs to decode iff_ilbm
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.iff_ilbm.available := ["iff"]
Preferred codec to decode ilbc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.ilbc := <value>
Available codecs to decode ilbc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.ilbc.available := ["ilbc"]
Preferred codec to decode imc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.imc := <value>
Available codecs to decode imc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.imc.available := ["imc"]
Preferred codec to decode imm4
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.imm4 := <value>
Available codecs to decode imm4
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.imm4.available := ["imm4"]
Preferred codec to decode imm5
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.imm5 := <value>
Available codecs to decode imm5
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.imm5.available := ["imm5"]
Preferred codec to decode interplayacm
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.interplayacm := <value>
Available codecs to decode interplayacm
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.interplayacm.available := ["interplayacm"]
Preferred codec to decode interplayvideo
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.interplayvideo := <value>
Available codecs to decode interplayvideo
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.interplayvideo.available := ["interplayvideo"]
Preferred codec to decode ipu
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.ipu := <value>
Available codecs to decode ipu
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.ipu.available := ["ipu"]
Preferred codec to decode jpeg2000
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.jpeg2000 := <value>
Available codecs to decode jpeg2000
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.jpeg2000.available := ["jpeg2000", "libopenjpeg"]
Preferred codec to decode jv
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.jv := <value>
Available codecs to decode jv
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.jv.available := ["jv"]
Preferred codec to decode kgv1
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.kgv1 := <value>
Available codecs to decode kgv1
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.kgv1.available := ["kgv1"]
Preferred codec to decode kmvc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.kmvc := <value>
Available codecs to decode kmvc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.kmvc.available := ["kmvc"]
Preferred codec to decode lagarith
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.lagarith := <value>
Available codecs to decode lagarith
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.lagarith.available := ["lagarith"]
Preferred codec to decode loco
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.loco := <value>
Available codecs to decode loco
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.loco.available := ["loco"]
Preferred codec to decode lscr
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.lscr := <value>
Available codecs to decode lscr
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.lscr.available := ["lscr"]
Preferred codec to decode m101
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.m101 := <value>
Available codecs to decode m101
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.m101.available := ["m101"]
Preferred codec to decode mace3
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mace3 := <value>
Available codecs to decode mace3
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mace3.available := ["mace3"]
Preferred codec to decode mace6
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mace6 := <value>
Available codecs to decode mace6
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mace6.available := ["mace6"]
Preferred codec to decode mad
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mad := <value>
Available codecs to decode mad
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mad.available := ["eamad"]
Preferred codec to decode mdec
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mdec := <value>
Available codecs to decode mdec
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mdec.available := ["mdec"]
Preferred codec to decode metasound
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.metasound := <value>
Available codecs to decode metasound
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.metasound.available := ["metasound"]
Preferred codec to decode mimic
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mimic := <value>
Available codecs to decode mimic
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mimic.available := ["mimic"]
Preferred codec to decode mjpeg
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mjpeg := <value>
Available codecs to decode mjpeg
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mjpeg.available := ["mjpeg", "mjpeg_cuvid", "mjpeg_qsv"]
Preferred codec to decode mjpegb
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mjpegb := <value>
Available codecs to decode mjpegb
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mjpegb.available := ["mjpegb"]
Preferred codec to decode mlp
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mlp := <value>
Available codecs to decode mlp
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mlp.available := ["mlp"]
Preferred codec to decode mobiclip
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mobiclip := <value>
Available codecs to decode mobiclip
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mobiclip.available := ["mobiclip"]
Preferred codec to decode motionpixels
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.motionpixels := <value>
Available codecs to decode motionpixels
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.motionpixels.available := ["motionpixels"]
Preferred codec to decode mp1
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mp1 := <value>
Available codecs to decode mp1
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mp1.available := ["mp1", "mp1float"]
Preferred codec to decode mp2
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mp2 := <value>
Available codecs to decode mp2
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mp2.available := ["mp2", "mp2float"]
Preferred codec to decode mp3
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mp3 := <value>
Available codecs to decode mp3
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mp3.available := ["mp3float", "mp3"]
Preferred codec to decode mpeg1video
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mpeg1video := <value>
Available codecs to decode mpeg1video
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mpeg1video.available := ["mpeg1video", "mpeg1_v4l2m2m", "mpeg1_cuvid"]
Preferred codec to decode mpeg2video
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mpeg2video := <value>
Available codecs to decode mpeg2video
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mpeg2video.available := ["mpeg2video", "mpegvideo", "mpeg2_v4l2m2m", "mpeg2_qsv", "mpeg2_cuvid"]
Preferred codec to decode mpeg4
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mpeg4 := <value>
Available codecs to decode mpeg4
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mpeg4.available := ["mpeg4", "mpeg4_v4l2m2m", "mpeg4_cuvid"]
Preferred codec to decode msa1
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.msa1 := <value>
Available codecs to decode msa1
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.msa1.available := ["msa1"]
Preferred codec to decode mscc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mscc := <value>
Available codecs to decode mscc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mscc.available := ["mscc"]
Preferred codec to decode msmpeg4v1
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.msmpeg4v1 := <value>
Available codecs to decode msmpeg4v1
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.msmpeg4v1.available := ["msmpeg4v1"]
Preferred codec to decode msmpeg4v2
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.msmpeg4v2 := <value>
Available codecs to decode msmpeg4v2
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.msmpeg4v2.available := ["msmpeg4v2"]
Preferred codec to decode msmpeg4v3
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.msmpeg4v3 := <value>
Available codecs to decode msmpeg4v3
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.msmpeg4v3.available := ["msmpeg4"]
Preferred codec to decode msp2
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.msp2 := <value>
Available codecs to decode msp2
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.msp2.available := ["msp2"]
Preferred codec to decode msrle
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.msrle := <value>
Available codecs to decode msrle
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.msrle.available := ["msrle"]
Preferred codec to decode mss1
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mss1 := <value>
Available codecs to decode mss1
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mss1.available := ["mss1"]
Preferred codec to decode mss2
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mss2 := <value>
Available codecs to decode mss2
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mss2.available := ["mss2"]
Preferred codec to decode mszh
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mszh := <value>
Available codecs to decode mszh
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mszh.available := ["mszh"]
Preferred codec to decode mts2
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mts2 := <value>
Available codecs to decode mts2
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mts2.available := ["mts2"]
Preferred codec to decode mv30
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mv30 := <value>
Available codecs to decode mv30
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mv30.available := ["mv30"]
Preferred codec to decode mvc1
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mvc1 := <value>
Available codecs to decode mvc1
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mvc1.available := ["mvc1"]
Preferred codec to decode mvc2
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mvc2 := <value>
Available codecs to decode mvc2
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mvc2.available := ["mvc2"]
Preferred codec to decode mvdv
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mvdv := <value>
Available codecs to decode mvdv
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mvdv.available := ["mvdv"]
Preferred codec to decode mvha
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mvha := <value>
Available codecs to decode mvha
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mvha.available := ["mvha"]
Preferred codec to decode mwsc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mwsc := <value>
Available codecs to decode mwsc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mwsc.available := ["mwsc"]
Preferred codec to decode mxpeg
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mxpeg := <value>
Available codecs to decode mxpeg
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.mxpeg.available := ["mxpeg"]
Preferred codec to decode notchlc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.notchlc := <value>
Available codecs to decode notchlc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.notchlc.available := ["notchlc"]
Preferred codec to decode nuv
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.nuv := <value>
Available codecs to decode nuv
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.nuv.available := ["nuv"]
Preferred codec to decode opus
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.opus := <value>
Available codecs to decode opus
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.opus.available := ["opus", "libopus"]
Preferred codec to decode pam
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pam := <value>
Available codecs to decode pam
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pam.available := ["pam"]
Preferred codec to decode pbm
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pbm := <value>
Available codecs to decode pbm
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pbm.available := ["pbm"]
Preferred codec to decode pcm_bluray
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_bluray := <value>
Available codecs to decode pcm_bluray
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_bluray.available := ["pcm_bluray"]
Preferred codec to decode pcm_dvd
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_dvd := <value>
Available codecs to decode pcm_dvd
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_dvd.available := ["pcm_dvd"]
Preferred codec to decode pcm_f16le
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_f16le := <value>
Available codecs to decode pcm_f16le
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_f16le.available := ["pcm_f16le"]
Preferred codec to decode pcm_f24le
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_f24le := <value>
Available codecs to decode pcm_f24le
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_f24le.available := ["pcm_f24le"]
Preferred codec to decode pcm_f32be
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_f32be := <value>
Available codecs to decode pcm_f32be
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_f32be.available := ["pcm_f32be"]
Preferred codec to decode pcm_f32le
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_f32le := <value>
Available codecs to decode pcm_f32le
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_f32le.available := ["pcm_f32le"]
Preferred codec to decode pcm_f64be
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_f64be := <value>
Available codecs to decode pcm_f64be
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_f64be.available := ["pcm_f64be"]
Preferred codec to decode pcm_f64le
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_f64le := <value>
Available codecs to decode pcm_f64le
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_f64le.available := ["pcm_f64le"]
Preferred codec to decode pcm_lxf
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_lxf := <value>
Available codecs to decode pcm_lxf
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_lxf.available := ["pcm_lxf"]
Preferred codec to decode pcm_s16be
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_s16be := <value>
Available codecs to decode pcm_s16be
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_s16be.available := ["pcm_s16be"]
Preferred codec to decode pcm_s16le
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_s16le := <value>
Available codecs to decode pcm_s16le
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_s16le.available := ["pcm_s16le"]
Preferred codec to decode pcm_s16le_planar
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_s16le_planar := <value>
Available codecs to decode pcm_s16le_planar
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_s16le_planar.available := ["pcm_s16le_planar"]
Preferred codec to decode pcm_s24be
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_s24be := <value>
Available codecs to decode pcm_s24be
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_s24be.available := ["pcm_s24be"]
Preferred codec to decode pcm_s24daud
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_s24daud := <value>
Available codecs to decode pcm_s24daud
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_s24daud.available := ["pcm_s24daud"]
Preferred codec to decode pcm_s24le
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_s24le := <value>
Available codecs to decode pcm_s24le
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_s24le.available := ["pcm_s24le"]
Preferred codec to decode pcm_s24le_planar
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_s24le_planar := <value>
Available codecs to decode pcm_s24le_planar
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_s24le_planar.available := ["pcm_s24le_planar"]
Preferred codec to decode pcm_s32be
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_s32be := <value>
Available codecs to decode pcm_s32be
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_s32be.available := ["pcm_s32be"]
Preferred codec to decode pcm_s32le
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_s32le := <value>
Available codecs to decode pcm_s32le
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_s32le.available := ["pcm_s32le"]
Preferred codec to decode pcm_s32le_planar
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_s32le_planar := <value>
Available codecs to decode pcm_s32le_planar
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_s32le_planar.available := ["pcm_s32le_planar"]
Preferred codec to decode pcm_s64be
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_s64be := <value>
Available codecs to decode pcm_s64be
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_s64be.available := ["pcm_s64be"]
Preferred codec to decode pcm_s64le
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_s64le := <value>
Available codecs to decode pcm_s64le
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_s64le.available := ["pcm_s64le"]
Preferred codec to decode pcm_sga
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_sga := <value>
Available codecs to decode pcm_sga
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_sga.available := ["pcm_sga"]
Preferred codec to decode pcm_u16be
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_u16be := <value>
Available codecs to decode pcm_u16be
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_u16be.available := ["pcm_u16be"]
Preferred codec to decode pcm_u16le
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_u16le := <value>
Available codecs to decode pcm_u16le
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_u16le.available := ["pcm_u16le"]
Preferred codec to decode pcm_u24be
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_u24be := <value>
Available codecs to decode pcm_u24be
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_u24be.available := ["pcm_u24be"]
Preferred codec to decode pcm_u24le
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_u24le := <value>
Available codecs to decode pcm_u24le
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_u24le.available := ["pcm_u24le"]
Preferred codec to decode pcm_u32be
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_u32be := <value>
Available codecs to decode pcm_u32be
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_u32be.available := ["pcm_u32be"]
Preferred codec to decode pcm_u32le
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_u32le := <value>
Available codecs to decode pcm_u32le
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_u32le.available := ["pcm_u32le"]
Preferred codec to decode pcm_vidc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_vidc := <value>
Available codecs to decode pcm_vidc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcm_vidc.available := ["pcm_vidc"]
Preferred codec to decode pcx
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcx := <value>
Available codecs to decode pcx
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pcx.available := ["pcx"]
Preferred codec to decode pfm
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pfm := <value>
Available codecs to decode pfm
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pfm.available := ["pfm"]
Preferred codec to decode pgm
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pgm := <value>
Available codecs to decode pgm
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pgm.available := ["pgm"]
Preferred codec to decode pgmyuv
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pgmyuv := <value>
Available codecs to decode pgmyuv
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pgmyuv.available := ["pgmyuv"]
Preferred codec to decode pgx
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pgx := <value>
Available codecs to decode pgx
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pgx.available := ["pgx"]
Preferred codec to decode phm
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.phm := <value>
Available codecs to decode phm
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.phm.available := ["phm"]
Preferred codec to decode pictor
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pictor := <value>
Available codecs to decode pictor
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.pictor.available := ["pictor"]
Preferred codec to decode png
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.png := <value>
Available codecs to decode png
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.png.available := ["png"]
Preferred codec to decode ppm
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.ppm := <value>
Available codecs to decode ppm
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.ppm.available := ["ppm"]
Preferred codec to decode psd
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.psd := <value>
Available codecs to decode psd
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.psd.available := ["psd"]
Preferred codec to decode ptx
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.ptx := <value>
Available codecs to decode ptx
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.ptx.available := ["ptx"]
Preferred codec to decode qdm2
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.qdm2 := <value>
Available codecs to decode qdm2
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.qdm2.available := ["qdm2"]
Preferred codec to decode qdmc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.qdmc := <value>
Available codecs to decode qdmc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.qdmc.available := ["qdmc"]
Preferred codec to decode qoi
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.qoi := <value>
Available codecs to decode qoi
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.qoi.available := ["qoi"]
Preferred codec to decode qpeg
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.qpeg := <value>
Available codecs to decode qpeg
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.qpeg.available := ["qpeg"]
Preferred codec to decode r10k
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.r10k := <value>
Available codecs to decode r10k
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.r10k.available := ["r10k"]
Preferred codec to decode r210
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.r210 := <value>
Available codecs to decode r210
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.r210.available := ["r210"]
Preferred codec to decode ralf
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.ralf := <value>
Available codecs to decode ralf
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.ralf.available := ["ralf"]
Preferred codec to decode rasc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.rasc := <value>
Available codecs to decode rasc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.rasc.available := ["rasc"]
Preferred codec to decode rl2
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.rl2 := <value>
Available codecs to decode rl2
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.rl2.available := ["rl2"]
Preferred codec to decode roq
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.roq := <value>
Available codecs to decode roq
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.roq.available := ["roqvideo"]
Preferred codec to decode rpza
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.rpza := <value>
Available codecs to decode rpza
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.rpza.available := ["rpza"]
Preferred codec to decode rscc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.rscc := <value>
Available codecs to decode rscc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.rscc.available := ["rscc"]
Preferred codec to decode rv10
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.rv10 := <value>
Available codecs to decode rv10
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.rv10.available := ["rv10"]
Preferred codec to decode rv20
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.rv20 := <value>
Available codecs to decode rv20
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.rv20.available := ["rv20"]
Preferred codec to decode rv30
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.rv30 := <value>
Available codecs to decode rv30
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.rv30.available := ["rv30"]
Preferred codec to decode rv40
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.rv40 := <value>
Available codecs to decode rv40
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.rv40.available := ["rv40"]
Preferred codec to decode sanm
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.sanm := <value>
Available codecs to decode sanm
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.sanm.available := ["sanm"]
Preferred codec to decode sbc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.sbc := <value>
Available codecs to decode sbc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.sbc.available := ["sbc"]
Preferred codec to decode scpr
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.scpr := <value>
Available codecs to decode scpr
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.scpr.available := ["scpr"]
Preferred codec to decode screenpresso
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.screenpresso := <value>
Available codecs to decode screenpresso
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.screenpresso.available := ["screenpresso"]
Preferred codec to decode sdx2_dpcm
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.sdx2_dpcm := <value>
Available codecs to decode sdx2_dpcm
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.sdx2_dpcm.available := ["sdx2_dpcm"]
Preferred codec to decode sgi
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.sgi := <value>
Available codecs to decode sgi
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.sgi.available := ["sgi"]
Preferred codec to decode simbiosis_imx
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.simbiosis_imx := <value>
Available codecs to decode simbiosis_imx
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.simbiosis_imx.available := ["simbiosis_imx"]
Preferred codec to decode sipr
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.sipr := <value>
Available codecs to decode sipr
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.sipr.available := ["sipr"]
Preferred codec to decode siren
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.siren := <value>
Available codecs to decode siren
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.siren.available := ["siren"]
Preferred codec to decode smc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.smc := <value>
Available codecs to decode smc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.smc.available := ["smc"]
Preferred codec to decode snow
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.snow := <value>
Available codecs to decode snow
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.snow.available := ["snow"]
Preferred codec to decode sol_dpcm
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.sol_dpcm := <value>
Available codecs to decode sol_dpcm
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.sol_dpcm.available := ["sol_dpcm"]
Preferred codec to decode sonic
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.sonic := <value>
Available codecs to decode sonic
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.sonic.available := ["sonic"]
Preferred codec to decode sp5x
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.sp5x := <value>
Available codecs to decode sp5x
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.sp5x.available := ["sp5x"]
Preferred codec to decode speedhq
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.speedhq := <value>
Available codecs to decode speedhq
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.speedhq.available := ["speedhq"]
Preferred codec to decode speex
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.speex := <value>
Available codecs to decode speex
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.speex.available := ["speex", "libspeex"]
Preferred codec to decode srgc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.srgc := <value>
Available codecs to decode srgc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.srgc.available := ["srgc"]
Preferred codec to decode svg
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.svg := <value>
Available codecs to decode svg
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.svg.available := ["librsvg"]
Preferred codec to decode svq1
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.svq1 := <value>
Available codecs to decode svq1
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.svq1.available := ["svq1"]
Preferred codec to decode svq3
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.svq3 := <value>
Available codecs to decode svq3
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.svq3.available := ["svq3"]
Preferred codec to decode tak
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.tak := <value>
Available codecs to decode tak
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.tak.available := ["tak"]
Preferred codec to decode targa
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.targa := <value>
Available codecs to decode targa
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.targa.available := ["targa"]
Preferred codec to decode targa_y216
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.targa_y216 := <value>
Available codecs to decode targa_y216
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.targa_y216.available := ["targa_y216"]
Preferred codec to decode tdsc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.tdsc := <value>
Available codecs to decode tdsc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.tdsc.available := ["tdsc"]
Preferred codec to decode tgq
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.tgq := <value>
Available codecs to decode tgq
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.tgq.available := ["eatgq"]
Preferred codec to decode tgv
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.tgv := <value>
Available codecs to decode tgv
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.tgv.available := ["eatgv"]
Preferred codec to decode theora
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.theora := <value>
Available codecs to decode theora
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.theora.available := ["theora"]
Preferred codec to decode thp
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.thp := <value>
Available codecs to decode thp
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.thp.available := ["thp"]
Preferred codec to decode tiertexseqvideo
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.tiertexseqvideo := <value>
Available codecs to decode tiertexseqvideo
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.tiertexseqvideo.available := ["tiertexseqvideo"]
Preferred codec to decode tiff
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.tiff := <value>
Available codecs to decode tiff
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.tiff.available := ["tiff"]
Preferred codec to decode tmv
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.tmv := <value>
Available codecs to decode tmv
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.tmv.available := ["tmv"]
Preferred codec to decode tqi
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.tqi := <value>
Available codecs to decode tqi
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.tqi.available := ["eatqi"]
Preferred codec to decode truehd
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.truehd := <value>
Available codecs to decode truehd
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.truehd.available := ["truehd"]
Preferred codec to decode truemotion1
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.truemotion1 := <value>
Available codecs to decode truemotion1
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.truemotion1.available := ["truemotion1"]
Preferred codec to decode truemotion2
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.truemotion2 := <value>
Available codecs to decode truemotion2
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.truemotion2.available := ["truemotion2"]
Preferred codec to decode truemotion2rt
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.truemotion2rt := <value>
Available codecs to decode truemotion2rt
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.truemotion2rt.available := ["truemotion2rt"]
Preferred codec to decode tscc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.tscc := <value>
Available codecs to decode tscc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.tscc.available := ["camtasia"]
Preferred codec to decode tscc2
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.tscc2 := <value>
Available codecs to decode tscc2
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.tscc2.available := ["tscc2"]
Preferred codec to decode tta
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.tta := <value>
Available codecs to decode tta
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.tta.available := ["tta"]
Preferred codec to decode txd
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.txd := <value>
Available codecs to decode txd
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.txd.available := ["txd"]
Preferred codec to decode ulti
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.ulti := <value>
Available codecs to decode ulti
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.ulti.available := ["ultimotion"]
Preferred codec to decode v210
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.v210 := <value>
Available codecs to decode v210
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.v210.available := ["v210"]
Preferred codec to decode v210x
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.v210x := <value>
Available codecs to decode v210x
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.v210x.available := ["v210x"]
Preferred codec to decode v308
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.v308 := <value>
Available codecs to decode v308
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.v308.available := ["v308"]
Preferred codec to decode v408
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.v408 := <value>
Available codecs to decode v408
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.v408.available := ["v408"]
Preferred codec to decode v410
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.v410 := <value>
Available codecs to decode v410
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.v410.available := ["v410"]
Preferred codec to decode vb
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.vb := <value>
Available codecs to decode vb
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.vb.available := ["vb"]
Preferred codec to decode vble
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.vble := <value>
Available codecs to decode vble
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.vble.available := ["vble"]
Preferred codec to decode vbn
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.vbn := <value>
Available codecs to decode vbn
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.vbn.available := ["vbn"]
Preferred codec to decode vc1
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.vc1 := <value>
Available codecs to decode vc1
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.vc1.available := ["vc1", "vc1_qsv", "vc1_v4l2m2m", "vc1_cuvid"]
Preferred codec to decode vc1image
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.vc1image := <value>
Available codecs to decode vc1image
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.vc1image.available := ["vc1image"]
Preferred codec to decode vcr1
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.vcr1 := <value>
Available codecs to decode vcr1
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.vcr1.available := ["vcr1"]
Preferred codec to decode vixl
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.vixl := <value>
Available codecs to decode vixl
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.vixl.available := ["xl"]
Preferred codec to decode vmdaudio
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.vmdaudio := <value>
Available codecs to decode vmdaudio
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.vmdaudio.available := ["vmdaudio"]
Preferred codec to decode vmdvideo
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.vmdvideo := <value>
Available codecs to decode vmdvideo
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.vmdvideo.available := ["vmdvideo"]
Preferred codec to decode vmnc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.vmnc := <value>
Available codecs to decode vmnc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.vmnc.available := ["vmnc"]
Preferred codec to decode vorbis
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.vorbis := <value>
Available codecs to decode vorbis
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.vorbis.available := ["vorbis", "libvorbis"]
Preferred codec to decode vp3
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.vp3 := <value>
Available codecs to decode vp3
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.vp3.available := ["vp3"]
Preferred codec to decode vp4
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.vp4 := <value>
Available codecs to decode vp4
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.vp4.available := ["vp4"]
Preferred codec to decode vp5
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.vp5 := <value>
Available codecs to decode vp5
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.vp5.available := ["vp5"]
Preferred codec to decode vp6
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.vp6 := <value>
Available codecs to decode vp6
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.vp6.available := ["vp6"]
Preferred codec to decode vp6a
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.vp6a := <value>
Available codecs to decode vp6a
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.vp6a.available := ["vp6a"]
Preferred codec to decode vp6f
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.vp6f := <value>
Available codecs to decode vp6f
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.vp6f.available := ["vp6f"]
Preferred codec to decode vp7
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.vp7 := <value>
Available codecs to decode vp7
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.vp7.available := ["vp7"]
Preferred codec to decode vp8
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.vp8 := <value>
Available codecs to decode vp8
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.vp8.available := ["vp8", "vp8_v4l2m2m", "libvpx", "vp8_cuvid", "vp8_qsv"]
Preferred codec to decode vp9
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.vp9 := <value>
Available codecs to decode vp9
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.vp9.available := ["vp9", "vp9_v4l2m2m", "libvpx-vp9", "vp9_cuvid", "vp9_qsv"]
Preferred codec to decode wavesynth
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.wavesynth := <value>
Available codecs to decode wavesynth
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.wavesynth.available := ["wavesynth"]
Preferred codec to decode wavpack
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.wavpack := <value>
Available codecs to decode wavpack
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.wavpack.available := ["wavpack"]
Preferred codec to decode wcmv
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.wcmv := <value>
Available codecs to decode wcmv
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.wcmv.available := ["wcmv"]
Preferred codec to decode webp
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.webp := <value>
Available codecs to decode webp
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.webp.available := ["webp"]
Preferred codec to decode westwood_snd1
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.westwood_snd1 := <value>
Available codecs to decode westwood_snd1
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.westwood_snd1.available := ["ws_snd1"]
Preferred codec to decode wmalossless
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.wmalossless := <value>
Available codecs to decode wmalossless
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.wmalossless.available := ["wmalossless"]
Preferred codec to decode wmavoice
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.wmavoice := <value>
Available codecs to decode wmavoice
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.wmavoice.available := ["wmavoice"]
Preferred codec to decode wmv1
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.wmv1 := <value>
Available codecs to decode wmv1
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.wmv1.available := ["wmv1"]
Preferred codec to decode wmv2
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.wmv2 := <value>
Available codecs to decode wmv2
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.wmv2.available := ["wmv2"]
Preferred codec to decode wmv3
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.wmv3 := <value>
Available codecs to decode wmv3
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.wmv3.available := ["wmv3"]
Preferred codec to decode wnv1
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.wnv1 := <value>
Available codecs to decode wnv1
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.wnv1.available := ["wnv1"]
Preferred codec to decode ws_vqa
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.ws_vqa := <value>
Available codecs to decode ws_vqa
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.ws_vqa.available := ["vqavideo"]
Preferred codec to decode xan_wc3
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.xan_wc3 := <value>
Available codecs to decode xan_wc3
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.xan_wc3.available := ["xan_wc3"]
Preferred codec to decode xan_wc4
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.xan_wc4 := <value>
Available codecs to decode xan_wc4
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.xan_wc4.available := ["xan_wc4"]
Preferred codec to decode xbm
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.xbm := <value>
Available codecs to decode xbm
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.xbm.available := ["xbm"]
Preferred codec to decode xma1
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.xma1 := <value>
Available codecs to decode xma1
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.xma1.available := ["xma1"]
Preferred codec to decode xma2
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.xma2 := <value>
Available codecs to decode xma2
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.xma2.available := ["xma2"]
Preferred codec to decode xpm
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.xpm := <value>
Available codecs to decode xpm
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.xpm.available := ["xpm"]
Preferred codec to decode xwd
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.xwd := <value>
Available codecs to decode xwd
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.xwd.available := ["xwd"]
Preferred codec to decode y41p
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.y41p := <value>
Available codecs to decode y41p
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.y41p.available := ["y41p"]
Preferred codec to decode ylc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.ylc := <value>
Available codecs to decode ylc
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.ylc.available := ["ylc"]
Preferred codec to decode yop
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.yop := <value>
Available codecs to decode yop
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.yop.available := ["yop"]
Preferred codec to decode yuv4
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.yuv4 := <value>
Available codecs to decode yuv4
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.yuv4.available := ["yuv4"]
Preferred codec to decode zlib
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.zlib := <value>
Available codecs to decode zlib
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.zlib.available := ["zlib"]
Preferred codec to decode zmbv
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.zmbv := <value>
Available codecs to decode zmbv
settings.decoder.ffmpeg.codecs.zmbv.available := ["zmbv"]

Maximum delay between interleaved streams.

settings.decoder.ffmpeg.max_interleave_delta := 0.04

Maximum data buffered while waiting for all streams.

settings.decoder.ffmpeg.max_interleave_duration := 5.0

File extensions used for guessing audio formats

File extensions used for guessing AAC format

settings.decoder.file_extensions.aac := ["aac"]

File extensions used for guessing AIFF format

settings.decoder.file_extensions.aiff := ["aiff", "aif", "aifc"]

File extensions used for decoding media files (except images) with ffmpeg

settings.decoder.file_extensions.ffmpeg := ["264", "265", "302", "3g2", "3gp", "669", "722", "A64", "a64", "aa", "aa3", "aac", "aax", "ac3", "acm", "adf", "adp", "ads", "adts", "adx", "aea", "afc", "aif", "aifc", "aiff", "aix", "amf", "amr", "ams", "amv", "ape", "apl", "apm", "apng", "aptx", "aptxhd", "aqt", "asf", "ass", "ast", "au", "aud", "avi", "avr", "avs", "avs2", "bcstm", "bfstm", "binka", "bit", "bmv", "brstm", "c2", "calf", "cavs", "cdata", "cdg", "cdxl", "cgi", "chk", "cif", "cpk", "cvg", "dat", "daud", "dav", "dbm", "dif", "digi", "dmf", "dnxhd", "dnxhr", "drc", "dsm", "dss", "dtk", "dtm", "dts", "dtshd", "dv", "dvd", "eac3", "f4v", "fap", "far", "ffmeta", "fits", "flac", "flm", "flv", "fsb", "fwse", "g722", "g723_1", "g729", "gdm", "genh", "gif", "gsm", "gxf", "h261", "h263", "h264", "h265", "hca", "hevc", "ice", "ico", "idf", "idx", "ifv", "imf", "imx", "ipu", "ircam", "ism", "isma", "ismv", "it", "ivf", "ivr", "j2b", "jss", "kux", "latm", "lbc", "loas", "lrc", "lvf", "m15", "m1v", "m2a", "m2t", "m2ts", "m2v", "m3u8", "m4a", "m4b", "m4v", "mac", "mca", "mcc", "mdl", "med", "mj2", "mjpeg", "mjpg", "mk3d", "mka", "mks", "mkv", "mlp", "mmcmp", "mmf", "mms", "mo3", "mod", "mods", "moflex", "mov", "mp2", "mp3", "mp4", "mpa", "mpc", "mpd", "mpeg", "mpg", "mpl2", "mptm", "msbc", "msf", "mt2", "mtaf", "mtm", "mts", "musx", "mvi", "mxf", "mxg", "nist", "nsp", "nst", "nut", "obu", "oga", "ogg", "ogv", "okt", "oma", "omg", "opus", "paf", "pcm", "pjs", "plm", "psm", "psp", "pt36", "ptm", "pvf", "qcif", "ra", "rco", "rcv", "rgb", "rm", "roq", "rsd", "rso", "rt", "s3m", "sami", "sbc", "sbg", "scc", "sdr2", "sds", "sdx", "ser", "sf", "sfx", "sfx2", "sga", "shn", "sln", "smi", "son", "sox", "spdif", "sph", "spx", "srt", "ss2", "ssa", "st26", "stk", "stl", "stm", "stp", "str", "sub", "sup", "svag", "svs", "swf", "tak", "tco", "thd", "ts", "tta", "ttml", "tun", "txt", "ty", "ty+", "ult", "umx", "v", "v210", "vag", "vb", "vc1", "vc2", "viv", "vob", "voc", "vpk", "vqe", "vqf", "vql", "vtt", "w64", "wav", "webm", "wma", "wmv", "wow", "wsd", "wtv", "wv", "xl", "xm", "xml", "xmv", "xpk", "xvag", "y4m", "yop", "yuv"]
File extensions used for decoding images with ffmpeg
settings.decoder.file_extensions.ffmpeg.images := ["bmp", "cri", "dds", "dng", "dpx", "exr", "im1", "im24", "im32", "im8", "j2c", "j2k", "jls", "jp2", "jpc", "jpeg", "jpg", "jps", "ljpg", "mng", "mpg1-img", "mpg2-img", "mpg4-img", "mpo", "pam", "pbm", "pcd", "pct", "pcx", "pfm", "pgm", "pgmyuv", "pic", "pict", "pix", "png", "pnm", "pns", "ppm", "ptx", "ras", "raw", "rs", "sgi", "sun", "sunras", "svg", "svgz", "tga", "tif", "tiff", "webp", "xbm", "xface", "xpm", "xwd", "y", "yuv10"]

File extensions used for guessing FLAC format

settings.decoder.file_extensions.flac := ["flac"]

File extensions used for decoding metadata using native FLAC parser.

settings.decoder.file_extensions.flac_metadata := ["flac"]

File extensions used for decoding metadata using native ID3v1 and ID3v2 parser

settings.decoder.file_extensions.id3 := ["mp3", "wav"]

File extensions used for decoding metadata using native parser.

settings.decoder.file_extensions.image_metadata := ["png", "jpg", "jpeg"]

File extensions used for guessing mpeg audio format

settings.decoder.file_extensions.mad := ["mp3", "mp2", "mp1"]

File extensions used for guessing MP3 format (DEPRECATED, use *.mad configuration keys!)

settings.decoder.file_extensions.mp3 := ["mp3", "mp2", "mp1"]

File extensions used for guessing MP4 format

settings.decoder.file_extensions.mp4 := ["m4a", "m4b", "m4p", "m4v", "m4r", "3gp", "mp4"]

File extensions used for guessing OGG format

settings.decoder.file_extensions.ogg := ["ogv", "oga", "ogx", "ogg", "opus"]

File extensions used for decoding metadata using native ogg parser.

settings.decoder.file_extensions.ogg_metadata := ["ogg"]

File extensions used for guessing SRT format := ["srt"]

File extensions used for decoding metadata using native parser.

settings.decoder.file_extensions.video_metadata := ["avi", "mp4"]

File extensions used for guessing WAV format

settings.decoder.file_extensions.wav := ["wav", "wave"]

Native FLAC metadata parser settings.

Native ID3 parser settings

Decoders and order used to decode image files.

settings.decoder.image_file_decoders := ["ppm", "ffmpeg", "sdl"]

Native image metadata parser settings.

Mime-types used for choosing audio and video file decoders

When a mime-type is available (e.g. with input.http), it can be used to guess which audio stream format is used.This section contains the listings used for that detection, which you might want to tweak if you encounter a new mime-type.If you feel that new mime-types should be permanently added, please contact the developers.

Mime-types used for guessing AAC format

settings.decoder.mime_types.aac := ["audio/aac", "audio/aacp", "audio/x-hx-aac-adts"]

Mime-types used for guessing AIFF format

settings.decoder.mime_types.aiff := ["audio/x-aiff", "audio/aiff"]

Mime-types used for guessing PCM/BASIC format

settings.decoder.mime_types.basic := ["audio/basic"]

Mime-types used for decoding with ffmpeg

settings.decoder.mime_types.ffmpeg := ["application/f4v", "application/ffmpeg", "application/mp4", "application/mxf", "application/octet-stream", "application/octet-stream", "application/ogg", "application/", "application/vnd.rn-realmedia", "application/vnd.smaf", "application/x-mpegURL", "application/x-ogg", "application/x-pgs", "application/x-shockwave-flash", "application/x-subrip", "application/xml", "audio/G722", "audio/MP4A-LATM", "audio/MPA", "audio/aac", "audio/aacp", "audio/aiff", "audio/amr", "audio/basic", "audio/bit", "audio/flac", "audio/g723", "audio/iLBC", "audio/mp4", "audio/mpeg", "audio/ogg", "audio/vnd.wave", "audio/wav", "audio/wave", "audio/webm", "audio/x-ac3", "audio/x-adpcm", "audio/x-caf", "audio/x-dca", "audio/x-eac3", "audio/x-flac", "audio/x-gsm", "audio/x-hx-aac-adts", "audio/x-ogg", "audio/x-oma", "audio/x-tta", "audio/x-voc", "audio/x-wav", "audio/x-wavpack", "multipart/x-mixed-replace;boundary=ffserver", "text/vtt", "text/x-ass", "text/x-jacosub", "text/x-microdvd", "video/3gpp", "video/3gpp2", "video/MP2T", "video/mp2t", "video/mp4", "video/mpeg", "video/ogg", "video/webm", "video/x-flv", "video/x-h261", "video/x-h263", "video/x-m4v", "video/x-matroska", "video/x-mjpeg", "video/x-ms-asf", "video/x-msvideo", "video/x-nut"]
Mime-types used for decoding images with ffmpeg
settings.decoder.mime_types.ffmpeg.images := ["image/gif", "image/jpeg", "image/png", "image/", "image/webp"]

Mime-types used for guessing FLAC format

settings.decoder.mime_types.flac := ["audio/flac", "audio/x-flac"]

Mime-types used for decoding metadata using native FLAC metadata parser.

settings.decoder.mime_types.flac_metadata := ["audio/flac"]

Mime-types used for decoding metadata using native ID3v1 and ID3v2 parser

settings.decoder.mime_types.id3 := ["audio/mpeg", "audio/x-wav"]

Mime-types used for decoding metadata using native parser.

settings.decoder.mime_types.image_metadata := ["image/png", "image/jpeg"]

Mime-types used for guessing mpeg audio format

settings.decoder.mime_types.mad := ["audio/mpeg", "audio/MPA"]

Mime-types used for guessing MP3 format (DEPRECATED, use *.mad configuration keys!)

settings.decoder.mime_types.mp3 := ["audio/mpeg", "audio/MPA"]

Mime-types used for guessing MP4 format

settings.decoder.mime_types.mp4 := ["audio/mp4", "application/mp4"]

Mime-types used for guessing OGG format.

settings.decoder.mime_types.ogg := ["audio/opus", "application/ogg", "application/x-ogg", "audio/x-ogg", "audio/ogg", "video/ogg"]

Mime-types used for decoding metadata using native ogg metadata parser.

settings.decoder.mime_types.ogg_metadata := ["audio/ogg"]

Mime-types used for guessing SRT format := ["application/x-subrip"]

Mime-types used for decoding metadata using native parser.

settings.decoder.mime_types.video_metadata := ["video/x-msvideo", "video/mp4"]

Mime-types used for guessing WAV format

settings.decoder.mime_types.wav := ["audio/vnd.wave", "audio/wav", "audio/wave", "audio/x-wav"]

Native ogg metadata parser settings.

Priorities used for choosing audio and video file decoders

Priority for the AAC decoder

settings.decoder.priorities.aac := 1

Priority for the AIFF decoder

settings.decoder.priorities.aiff := 1

Priority for the PCM/BASIC decoder

settings.decoder.priorities.basic := 1

Priority for the ffmpeg decoder

settings.decoder.priorities.ffmpeg := 10

Priority for the flac decoder

settings.decoder.priorities.flac := 1

Priority for the mpeg audio decoder

settings.decoder.priorities.mad := 1

Priority for the MP4 decoder

settings.decoder.priorities.mp4 := 1

Priority for the OGG decoder

settings.decoder.priorities.ogg := 15

Priority for the SRT decoder := 1

Priority for the WAV decoder

settings.decoder.priorities.wav := 1

Native video metadata parser settings.

External decoders settings

Settings for the FFprobe external decoder

Path to ffprobe binary
settings.decoder.external.ffprobe.path := "ffprobe"

Settings for the FFmpeg external decoder

Path to ffmpeg binary
settings.decoder.external.ffmpeg.path := "ffmpeg"
Mime types supported by the external ffmpeg stream decoder
settings.decoder.external.ffmpeg.mime_types := []

Settings for the mpcdec external decoder

Path to mpcdec binary
settings.decoder.external.mpcdec.path := "mpcdec"

Settings for the flac external decoder

Path to flac binary
settings.decoder.external.flac.path := "flac"

Settings for the metaflac external decoder

Path to metaflac binary
settings.decoder.external.metaflac.path := "metaflac"

Settings for the faad external decoder

Path to faad binary
settings.decoder.external.faad.path := "faad"

Loudness target

settings.autocue.lufs_target := -16.0

Cue in threshold

settings.autocue.cue_in_threshold := -34.0

Cue out threshold

settings.autocue.cue_out_threshold := -42.0

Crossfade start threshold

settings.autocue.cross_threshold := -7.0

Maximum allowed overlap/crossfade in seconds

settings.autocue.max_overlap := 6.0

Maximum real time ratio to control speed of LUFS data analysis

settings.autocue.ratio := 50.0

Maximum allowed processing time (estimated)

settings.autocue.timeout := 10.0

Existing metadata causing autocue to skip

settings.autocue.metadata_overrides := ["liq_amplify", "liq_cue_in", "liq_cue_out", "liq_cross_duration", "liq_fade_in", "liq_fade_out"]